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tv   [untitled]    November 12, 2011 4:31am-5:01am EST

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of lanford your cell mints across the west bank that's. of debate over palestinian statehood bid am's with deadlock at the u.n. security council. next hour financial guru max kaiser along with his co-host days in her to reveal the dirty secrets of the financial world discussing the debt crisis. max kaiser this is the kaiser report they wanted well. we gave them more savers versus speculators so over liberation army we've got a major scalp we've got cameron and osborne all the run they are headed out the door yes so he tells more max keiser u.k. trade deficit hits record high surgeon in ports deals bloated government hopes
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for export led recovery max keiser i credit you with blowing their hopes away according to the article the widening in the deficit followed a three point eight percent jump in imports driven by higher imports of chemicals oil and silver. that's correct all you you cave followers out there you've been buying silver that's right so has been massively flooding into the u.k. causing this massive trade imbalance completely destroying osborne's attempt to stimulate economy using banking tricks and by appeasing the banking terrorists the several abrasion took matters into their own hands they're buying silver aggressively the price is going higher now i was born to be carried out on a stretcher because not only is he a plump little weasel who knows nothing about economics but he's immoral he's all nuts and all these are schlock he's worst encounter these colors little duck well the u.k. goods trade deficit with the rest of the world stood at nine point eight billion
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pounds much wider than eight billion that was forecast there was an extra one point eight billion pounds of silver that they weren't expecting this is happening all over the world because the silver liberation army understand that all these governments are corrupt something's going to happen in the u.s. the u.s. will shortly report similar numbers due to the incredible influx of silver and gold by people challenging the banks. global occupy movements that's just a side show compared to the silver liberation army global insurrection against banker occupation kind of a solid show when you compare it to the silver liberation army that's on the march that has now completely and fundamentally reshaped the global economy well the u.k. is also in the news here in the next headline max tobin tax is a tax on pensioners that will cost one million jobs says chancellor george osborne he says there is not a single banker in the world that is going to pay this tax there are no banks there
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are going to pay this tax the people who will pay this tax are pensioners so if you want to go and introduce a big tax on pensioners that is the end result but at least be honest about who pays this tax this is george osborne referring to the tobin tax the financial transaction tax max your thoughts this is an admission by osborne that have absolutely no control over banking terrorists remember when bandar threatened tony blair with the seven seven bombing unless he called off the investigation into the bandar slush fund this is always more saying the same thing he still better than a terrorist he's no better than prince bandar he's no better than tony blair he supports financial terrorists the agent of best financial terrorism george osborne what will the people do you know when they catch up to you well they don't know you george osborne are you looking over your shoulder do you feel comfortable walking the other straights do you know. he might be excited because he seems to be a bit of a submissive and we know this from his history because of course
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a headline from a few weeks ago was phone hacking and the colson helped spin story of george osborne and dominate tricks so apparently george osborne had been involved with some drug taking dominate tricks through the news of the murdoch press broke the story that osborne was caught in a nest of them. he plays. role of submissive that means that the prostitute that he hired spits in his face and slaps him around like a little as they say down in the hip hop scene and he loves it they love to be that's his joy do it could explain why many people say that bankers are the ones responsible for installing leaders that then hand over all the assets of the nation to us so it makes sense that repeatedly in the u.k. since the deregulation the big bang as they call it it's we've had tories or conservatives in power because they are like the ones they always get caught in
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weird submissive scandals so that could be what's happening there so george osborne is claiming however that this financial transaction tax is uniquely something that is being taken from the pensioners now let's look at what george osborne and his independent bank of england have created with their quantitative easing savers lose forty three billion pounds in slowmotion bank robbery with worse to come savers have been stealthily robbed of forty three billion pounds of the real value of their savings since the bank of england froze interest rates at zero point five percent nearly thirty two months ago but there could be worse to come so the average saver max has lost two thousand five hundred pounds since the crisis right how does that work exactly let's review briefly to kick the speculator suite to keep the cost of money mirrors zero bank of england keeps rates near zero using
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quantitative easing us born endorsers it in effect those people with savings the pensioners the people of worked all their lives with money in the bank that they anticipate to get a return on and subsidising the speculators why doesn't just write a check to the terrorists around the world and say here. here's the money please i'm a submissive can you bomb me please because that's exactly what he's doing economically speaking he is forcing against the will of the hostages that is to u.k. public to pay for the speculators by keeping interest rates at zero keeping interest rates at zero number one it doesn't stimulate the economy obviously because you can't converse going straight into the gutter number two it only feeds the worst elements of the society that are causing the financial terrorism the speculators this is unconscionable this man is all the stark raving lunatic that needs to be put in the straight jacket and thrown into the maze so the article says
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that the pensioners in particular are largely silent victims of the bank of england's policy of running negative real interest rates so here you see the pensioners that george osborne the shrieking submissive claims to be supporting by being against the financial transaction tax and yet because of the speculation in the wild derivatives trading and disaster and fraud that his bankers who he to whom he submits because of them pensioners have already given up forty three billion pounds and only three years i think it also this whole idea of can't track a tax transactions because it would cause all kinds of duress in the economy let's flash to the bank of new york story for thirty years according to harry mark propolis who blew the whistle on bernie madoff bank of new york which is a custodian for trillions of dollars of pension accounts has been stealing three tenths of one percent on every single transaction for thirty years this is
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a five hundred billion dollar theft from savers is the stock trading down or turning up on the news because i was born and cameron and obama and burbank submit fraud as their base business model and they're all submissive to the terrorist let's move on to some more fraud and how no matter what. the savers always pay m.f. global clients may have to share cash so remember this is m.f. global which is a futures trading firm that went bankrupt it was run by john coristine the former head of goldman sachs the former governor of new jersey a former senator the firm went bankrupt and they're still missing five hundred ninety three million dollars of customer accounts which they commingled with their own and now the liquidator is saying that unless the miss thing cash is found people hoping to recover one hundred cents on the dollar may have to give up some
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of it to other customers said stephen hardback the liquidator but this is a beautiful because remember people are saying you know the system is broken because they are privatizing capitalism while spring the risk is socialistically you know the people have to bear the risk and the insiders the top one percent take all the gains and that was a bit of a concept but now we have a direct evidence of global what they're saying is the insiders including john of course seen former goldman sachs guy stole billions and so the customers are going to have to pay for the other customers that have had their money stolen so he didn't steal from every single customer he stole from lots of customers and the way they're going to bail these customers out is by having the customers it didn't have the money stolen from them to pay off to share their money with the customers a bit of their money paid up one of they talking about here they're going to share in the losses what kind of ideology is that how they were propaganda are they using to get people to accept this as rational and ok remember last week we covered the
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story of the chicago board of trade brokers throwing applications for mcdonald's out the window of protesters calling themselves the one percent and suggesting that occupy wall street people are the marxist there is nothing more marxist than that which the chicago board of trade traders created. by having to share the wealth clients must share redistribute their wealth due to their own absence of regulation their absence of self regulation the c.m.e. trainers in chicago are pure marxists and this is a perfect example of that and they themselves are barking up the ideological tree toward a system of governance that has absolutely nothing to do with free market capitalism and a shower of the protesters down below with help wanted applications from mcdonald's has only got the silver liberation motivated to buy more silver to put these guys like a silver stake through their heart into the ground dead dead dead again and finally
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max we have discussed before the use of twitter and that these hedge funds are now using twitter trends and water to trade so i want to call your attention to this tweet from becky mean of c m b c and she said italian ten trending on twitter i'm sure bond yields don't trend that often so if you see from this image here this is the trending topics and sure enough number two worldwide was a talian ten a ten year bond what do you think that's max well this is what i've been talking about price propaganda on this show the silly show in the world that's gone into this idea of price propaganda on twitter it's run by bots here you've got financial propaganda and hedge funds of unlimited resources creating robots to trend a topic to force a topic trending on twitter which gets the hedge fund community all aligned on the same trade to go attack italian bonds but that's based on signaling to the group because of the twitter their attention to financially devastate italy with these
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sales and short sales and make it yourself remember they tack italian bond market with counterfeit paper with naked short sells there's no accountability in the system for the amount of naked shorts that they're attacking italian bonds with and they've gone from ireland they've gone to greece they've gone to portugal and now they're in italy now talking about france every time the eurozone create. a dollar or a euro instead realize they create a hundred euros in naked short sells they'll never going to win that war but the fact is that the tail is wagging the economic and financial dog around the world and we're totally powerless against it and transcript ocracy with unlimited credit zero percent interest rates with the central banks at their bidding and politicians and just basically lying down and doing nothing about it so this is the new world order it's complete manipulation empowering the it's a caca stock r.c. it's a rule by the worst qualified best the global new world order it's a cock
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a stock car seat rule by the stupidest and worst kleptocrats in the world ok states ever thanks so much for being on the kaiser for a thank you max go a much more coming your way so stay right there. welcome back to the kaiser report i'm max kaiser special in studio gas today senator micro valve senator gravelle was the u.s.
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senator for alaska from one thousand nine hundred ninety nine hundred eighty one he ran for the nomination for president two thousand and eight first of the democratic ticket and then the libertarian he is the author of citizen power mandate for change into votes as advocating direct democracy initiatives mike welcome to kaiser report thank you for having me and i want to talk about the one nine hundred seventy one when you read the pentagon papers into the public record from from the floor of the senate now how is that received the time by your fellow senators and how would you relate that to wiki leaks today what leaks is doing today is better than what we were doing with the pentagon papers the pentagon papers was the history of how three presidential been astray sions had lied to the american people about going to vietnam and then staying there and killing with what three million southeast asians fifty eight thousand americans and i want to say max they all died in vain the at nama still a time in this country has most favored trading relationship with us you can buy
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baskin robins kentucky fried chicken and in one hundred or. city ok so wiki leaks again that we've been a fair tax financially something a kind of a financial blockade something new in this digital globalized world by major corporations like pay pal and visa who have cut the company off from the financial grid so they really it's something back in the pentagon papers day they could have done because they system wasn't designed as such but these. operations out can push a button then excommunicate and it's iraq as asian has not been charged with anything they just decide if other corporate basis it's convenient for them to get rid of them it's the government that's pressuring these institutions to do that so they're doing the bidding of the government were to draw the line between the government and corporations mike i mean i don't ok so there i said someone in the same so this command of corporations visa master card that the people supplying the
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products are lending end of the system they're controlling the outcome of what happens on on the policy initiatives in washington that's all government does a representative government doesn't mean they're a standing of the right of the people you know that i know that everyone knows that it's a farce it's corporatism totally and it's worldwide i don't know max if you're aware of this new study that came out of zurich where they examined forty three thousand corporations you know bun and it filtered down to one thousand three hundred fifty corporations with interlocking directorates and relationships and they control sixty percent of the world's wealth now that's clearly a problem of that requires trust busting as teddy roosevelt once warned and trust busting ok or the trust busting because you're operating within the confines of representative government and when you go there you don't have a chance to bring about change you want to bring about change you've got to bring the people into the operation of government independent of representative
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government so that the people can make laws there's only two venues for change one is the government we're in the problem exists the other is with the people but the people need procedures to act upon the doll and say have and that has to be procedures that permits them to be law makers cicero marcus cicero over two thousand years ago said liberty freedom is participation in power if you don't participate in power you are not free and that applies to all the countries in the world including switzerland. because where you do have direct democracy in switzerland and in some american states it's controlled by representative government and that's why a emphasize that it's got to be done independent of representative government and i have legislation that i have worked on it took me seven years to read it and it can be applied in any country in the world and it would empower people by going around to government i have no confidence that the government would ever ever empower the
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people ok so this is what you're into now direct to my whole life is in there ok and as you've just described it you are globe trotting with a basically a do it yourself kid how you can be democratic if you follow these simple flat pack kind of like an ikea you know you simply put it you can skirt a simple here's a simple it take the best i would sell from what the founding fathers of the u.s. had to offer and he makes it on with some other cicero and a few other bright minds from that from the ages and you go into that and you go into these countries are going are all over the world this are all over the world. cept of and what's been not receptive first up it's receptive by the bottom of the pyramid people know at the bottom of the pyramid they're being screwed by the system and so here take an example like egypt ok they just had a revolution has been in control of a client state mubarak has control by america they want democracy and they're now
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would you go in there to cairo have you gone in there have they looked at it was there is no going to go on into egypt i would not do that egypt is controlled by the military and our military controls their military because we've been feeding their military two billion dollars a year or less our military not control some country somewhere where can it go i mean some fiji or some island in the caribbean where is it not disneyland and the arrow where is it not control tell you the truth i don't know where to go and that's the reason why i'm so concerned because i saw in the street every sunday that's like are valid what's he doing down there is trying to get democracy starting to come on up or be on the show. so here you are so in other words i can't get this message out i promised the occupy group in the switzerland zurich that i'll come back next spring and what they'll do they're supposed to be taken a vote if they decide they want to do it what i can do is i can read your constitution french constitution german and turn around and take this legislation that i've drafted and i can tweak it. for your constitution and then give it to you and then you go out and street and get the people to vote for you don't go to the
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government you go around the government you ask the people and here's where the rubber hits the road and that is when the people vote for this that means the majority of the people in france if they wanted to be empowered to make laws they would then vote not not sign a petition not to respond to a poll actually vote and we count the votes and they're registered and when you have more than fifty percent of the registered voters vote for this it is automatically the law of the land which means that the minute you bring the people into the operation of government what they become is the senior partners and anybody who knows about structure of business knows the senior partner is the senior partner and commands what will happen so it's a win win the representative government will do a better job in a day to day operation of government but the people will set the policy designed to satisfy their needs and we want to talk about occupy wall street because you've
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read about this and fell said on your thoughts it is actually a miracle it's a miracle that started with young and young kids and not so young. they're on the cutting edge of social change what this is demonstrating is that there's a deep seated unhappiness in the populace it's like a boil this is the tip of the iceberg you're seeing and i've gone to the one in switzerland i've gone to india last night i went to the defiance and did it here and just told them i honor their efforts however there is a problem protest movements generally do not succeed because they as they fly in the face of the police power of government they get crushed and the more effort they make the more brutal is the crushing. so what they need to do is over time they need to be able to turn this around into an actionable item the good old the
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details of huge and just go after one thing well initially not having an actionable agenda item was the good thing about it because people it wasn't shot down immediately ideologically speaking they just built a big tent they built a big constituency ok now you're saying at some point they've actually got to have at least one item on the agenda what is that item to empower themselves to make laws because if they get the mental legislation i'm talking about they can addressed or agenda they're only going to for a second talk about changing a law people have the ability to change the law this is what they should be working toward on the other side of the aisle there seems to be no problem in the ability for banks and other such a laws on on a whim for example just in the last couple of months goldman sachs they broke the law when they offered insiders a chance to own facebook stock above and beyond what the f.c.c. allows them to do in terms of a limited number of people eligible for this before the company post their
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financials so their response was well we're going to do it anyway and the f.c.c. is response was well maybe we need to change the law and this is what you're here almost every single week as an instance where the banks on wall street gallman j.p. morgan and the rest they break the law they break the securities laws they break all the they break major fundamental regulation other rooms are always says well your laws aren't catching up to what we're doing as financial engineers you know the law these are change because we're making a market work we're creating the opportunity why can't somebody just simply say look you're breaking the law and you need to be prosecuted you can't claim that your defense is that the law hasn't caught up with your genius yet that's the defense of a serial killer and a psychotic when the people make the laws they will then be able to enforce the law and how you do it give you an example supposing the people break the law to go ahead. head and require that banks no longer are sustained by the government
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what will happen well once the people have this power they will not be denied you see young kids taking to the streets now but when you get americans sixty plus million americans voting to empower themselves to make laws i got to tell you i know from personal experience politicians are cowards and judges are you have more cowardly than politicians and so you now empower the people the politicians will shape up immediately and recognize that they will handle day to day let the people handle the policy the first thing you do is stop corporations from being treated like a human being in a constitutional amendment i have it says that money for an initiative for kids can only come from a natural person what does that mean that all these unnatural people with all this power to steal it break the law they could no longer get involved in the law making process which they do right now because they own the congress they own all the governments ok south we've got about a minute left to summarize you been working on this direct democracy project for
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a number of years and uses it with this occupy movement really a golden opportunity for the realization of these ideals but that this group these people now are just are just begging to go to retake back their their democracy and their rights and so you're really have enthusiastic by this right in and up to now i've never really had any hope that other than scratching away and being lucky that we could bring in about but now when they see the occupy movement rising like a phoenix from nowhere and worldwide immediately and ill get legs adept and as that that's the crisis i've been waiting for to now push the national initiative say the answer is not to protest the answer is to make yourself lawmakers. and then when they realize that it's katie bar the door up until know i exist on the basis of i have faith that when we reach critical mass the
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corporations will wake up and say i'm like god what's going on it will be too late the people will know this and you'll have to sell it to the people they'll just want it all right mike or about sounds sounds good because clearly you've got your expertise mixed with this whole generation of this movement is on the street ready to go sell there's a tinderbox ready to explode hopefully for the greater good that's right and it won't explode in a violent way it looks pulled in an evolutionary way and that's the way it should happen sooner microcell thanks so much being on the kaiser and i thank you for having me all right super not going to do it for this edition of the kaiser report with me max kaiser and stacy herbert i thank my guests senator micro bell if you want to send me an e-mail please do so at kaiser report at r t t v dot ru intellects on this of nice cars are saying by all.
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twenty years ago largest country. disintegrates it. was have been trying. to teach began a journey. where did it take the. leader
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of the biggest pacific rim meeting in hawaii i pledge to prevent the european debt crisis from spreading to the region. global recession. and while some euros are in hopes for a rescue lay with china recent polls suggest a. growing increasingly hostile. people are being pushed because they see the interests of the demands of the. growing influence of brussels over e.u. member states. based on the support of europe from the people. at the un security council.


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